More south you go, GNOCCHI become sweeter!

Who does not love those typical Tyrolean dumplings, the “spatzli” so appreciated also in the Swiss cuisine ? if you just cross the Alps, these little gnocchi change, they are enriched with diced potatoes and cheese and they are known as ” Valchiavenna dumplings”. Well, if we go a little further to south, on Lake Como, you find a new version, whose main ingredient is the sweet and colourfull pumpkin.

recipe: Bake pumpkin, mash it, add an egg, flour, a bit of milk, salt. Put the dough in boiling salted water with the specific kitchen utensil or by hand using a wet little spoon. As soon as dumplings come up , drain, toss them with melted garlic butter, sage and parmesan cheese, orjust with butter and parmesan cheese: two minutes in the oven
and ……… ..BON APPETIT

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