Biodiversity is increasing in lake Como

The Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis), very rare species at our latitudes, is arrived on Lake Como. A flock of five Barnacle geese has decided to spend the winter in Domaso, in the beach in front of Residence Geranio. The news spread immediately: naturalists and enthusiasts flock with their big cameras to photograph and film these webbed feet, native of the northern countries, that seem to like the warmth of the lake Como waters. Natural scientists, come to Domaso just to observe and study these geese, found that they all have the identification rings. Three geese are wild and come from Northern Europe, two instead have escaped from a German breeding. All five have become friends. Being of different genotype, they might form pairs and become sedentary geese, increasing to the already numerous species of birds already present on lake Como , and enriching the biodiversity of our territory.

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